3 Reasons the Price Discounts You Agree to are Killing Your Business

How is offering the price discount your customer is asking for killing your business? This article is about three important ways the discounts you’re offering are affecting your company! Your value is not consistent with the price No way, you say? Yes, it’s true. If your customer is asking you for a price reduction, their perceived value of your product is different than it was before. Even if they aren’t stating this with their words, they are with actions. And people buy with actions, not words.  If you only get one idea from this post, please focus on the above … Read More

How Can Any Barrier be too Great?

How often are the barriers that we find in our lives created in our minds and subsequently manifested in our actions? The photo above is of a group of weeds that have pushed their way up through the asphalt on a jogging trail behind my house.  This path was freshly paved one year ago and this summer I have watched the first, bold little weed buckle the surface and push its way up to the light that it seeks with such power.  I run this path virtually every morning with my dog, Walt. Lately, personal development has been on my … Read More