9 Selling Truths I’d Teach My Younger Self

Young Business Man with Senior Business Man

My hair is now gray, and these are the 9 selling truths I’d teach my younger self. Professional selling began for me 26 years ago. I was 24, had a baby on the way and my family figured I’d starve. Gratefully, I now have lots of wins and losses under my belt, and I’m still in the game. Given the luxury of a time machine, the ideas below are what I’d share with my younger self. The order is open to debate, and that’s why there are no numbers. My selling truths to pass on, along with a few suggested … Read More

Proven Success Formula?

Everyone is interested in a “proven Success formula,” right? In 2009 Chris Guillebeau wrote 279 Days to Overnight Success. I recently came across this excellent work by listening to a book by Jane Friedman about publishing a book. What I like about Chris’s work is the simplicity he offers in his approach to becoming a successful “blogger.” What I learned by reading his work, gets me pretty fired up to work even harder. When coupled with my own fits-and-starts type of experiences over the last few years blogging, I get even more excited about producing my art. Chris doesn’t offer any … Read More

Five Reasons You Should Stay at a Ritz-Carlton Once a Year

The first time I stayed in a Ritz-Carlton was in April of 1991 in St. Louis, Missouri. I went there for a work meeting and before that I had never heard of such a place. Growing up in Minnesota, we didn’t have any in our city. Amazingly, we still don’t. In May of 2005, I had the opportunity to attend a customer service training session conducted at the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay, California by their staff. The training was an incredible experience for me, and as a result, I am hooked on the brand. Whenever possible, I stay at the Ritz-Carlton. Is … Read More

The Yin and Yang of Turning Fifty Years Old

Fifty years ago today, at St. Gabriel’s Hospital in Little Falls, Minnesota, I was born to Bill and Mary Gaslin. Looking back on being fifty years old, there is much I have learned and much I have yet to understand. I believe life is a series of trade-offs, the truth always lies somewhere in the middle and for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Duh, physics…. This story is a series of musings written in Yin and Yang style (If that’s really a style, I have no idea.). My intent is not to preach, brag, gripe or … Read More

Par 4.5 – A Good Goal

The seventh hole at Bearpath Golf and Country Club is a 380-yard par 4, is the number one handicap on the course and a goal of making par is aggressive for a [player of my ability. The hole features a dogleg and a towering grove of trees on the right side of the fairway. Also, there is out-of-bounds on the left side of the fairway and a bunker straight ahead off of the tee. The green is long, slender and surrounded by water on the right and out-of-bounds on the left. A couple of weekends ago, I was playing this … Read More

What Drives People to Change?

In my experience, people change for their own reasons. For the most part, there are three primary reasons for why people make a change. While these three reasons may be different, they are not mutually exclusive. Change is forced upon them by a competitor. Change is created by an internal desire to achieve an outcome. Change is required due to obsolescence. This past week I had the pleasure of spending the week with a Sightpath Sales Representative traveling in his territory and visiting with both current and prospective clients. Our clients are eye surgeons and their related facilities. I’ve written … Read More

How Can Any Barrier be too Great?

How often are the barriers that we find in our lives created in our minds and subsequently manifested in our actions? The photo above is of a group of weeds that have pushed their way up through the asphalt on a jogging trail behind my house.  This path was freshly paved one year ago and this summer I have watched the first, bold little weed buckle the surface and push its way up to the light that it seeks with such power.  I run this path virtually every morning with my dog, Walt. Lately, personal development has been on my … Read More

A Positive Way to Start the Day

About five years ago, I came across a website called, dailygratitude.com. This site is run by a guy names Wes Hopper who used to be an engineer, has had some struggles, came across a system for helping him see the world differently by a guy named by Bob Proffet and now produces a daily gratitude e-mail that shows-up each morning in my in-box. What I like about what Wes does is that he starts with a quote, writes a few thoughts about it and makes some suggestions for how one may think about it. He doesn’t preach or pontificate, he … Read More