Five Marketing Strategies You Can Learn From the Music of The Beatles

Have you listened to the new Beatles channel on Sirius Radio? I do on my daily fifteen-minute commute to the office and it’s terrific. Hearing the stories and interviews made me think of five marketing strategies from the greatest Rock and Roll band. Ever. Even if you’re not like me and The Beatles aren’t your favorite band, the methods they used to influence music translate to marketing strategies you can use today. Here they are: #1 – Start With a Catchy Riff A Hard Days Night starts with a riff that most people know. It’s easy to remember, plants itself … Read More

Red Lobster Biscuits and Children Growing Up

Recently my wife, Jean, and I drove by a Red Lobster and discussed that we had never eaten at one. Well, at least, together. I confessed that I am a closet lover of the cheese and herb butter biscuits they served as an appetizer and had visited the establishment on several occasions while traveling on business. Red Lobster is easier on an expense account than many other purveyors of seafood. I have no idea why I felt the need to justify my experiences with Red Lobster and fondness for these biscuits. After all, it’s just a biscuit. Imagine my surprise when, … Read More