Grammarly Software Makes Writing Easier!

Grammar is learned at home. My grandma was an english teacher and stressed the importance of the written word. Grammarly software makes writing easier and my grandma Fran would have enjoyed it’s functionality.

Today I spend a lot of time corresponding with email and text. Grammar, punctuation and the written word are not important in these two mediums. Or so it seems.

I’m no one’s judge, that’s for sure. Proper grammar usage is one of those simple things that is like using spell check and washing your hands after going to the bathroom. Good habits indeed.

Like it or not, we’re judged by how we communicate. The written word lives on and with modern methods spreads wide and far.

If you’re like me, sometimes there are those confusing instances where I think, “Is it affect or effect?” Or, “Is he eminently famous or imminently famous?” It’s easy to get confused.

This is where technology is wonderful. No need to guess. Simply use the tools in your word processing software or Google the question.

An option I’ve found recently is a cool piece of software called Grammarly. It’s a good tool, easy to use, cost-effective and may just save you from sending an email with a different message than you intend.

Click the image below and you may just make your parents and english teachers proud of the grammar you use.

Grammarly Writing Support

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