Episode 13 – Mark Anderson – Creative Soul Video

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The video is king today, and knowing if you’re doing it right is challenging. Mark Anderson – Creative Soul Video, is a 20 time Emmy Award-winning video storyteller and creative expert – he knows how to create videos that move people with emotion and drive ROI!

Mark Anderson – Creative Soul Video is a master storyteller

In this episode of the Cognfied Marketing and Selling Podcast, We delve into the topic of video – you’ve read about the power of video, how important it is to tell good stories and what it can do for your brand experience.

How do you do it? Mark Anderson proved his skills over a long career in the broadcast and TV industries. You’ll want to listen to this interesting conversation and hear Mark’s tricks-of-the-trade.


Mark Anderson – Creative Soul Video recently released a short film called, “The Jim Hansel Story.” Jim Hansel is a Minnesota artist and in this episode of the Podcast, you’ll hear about Mark’s experience working with Jim Hansel to create his painting “Home of the Brave.”

Highlights of the Conversation with Mark Anderson – Creative Soul Video

  • Learn Mark’s process of how he develops a story and tells it with heart.
  • Why emotion makes anything memorable.
  • The power of your personal brand and how you get started.
  • How honoring presence is the greatest secret to making connections.
  • Hear about power in the art form of storytelling and why video content is the king of marketing.
  • Learn how to use video content to grow your business by knowing you want in the project.

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