Episode 11 Cognified Marketing & Selling Podcast with Rick Wood – Cascade Mountain Tech

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Rick Wood is an entrepreneur who demonstrates grit, adaptability, a sense of humor and a desire to help others. It’s no wonder he’s enjoyed Van Allen Belt success building Cascade Mountain Tech and Little Hotties Warmers.

Rick and I met first as Sales Reps and then Product Managers at Storz Instrument Company. We went our separate ways, stayed in touch via Facebook and it was fun to catch-up with Rick during this interview.

Rick and Kristi Wood

Like most Entrepreneurs, Rick Wood overcame obstacles

To build Cascade Mountain Tech, Rick overcame many obstacles. When you hear Rick tell the story, you’ll think to yourself, “He must be making this up!”

He’s not. Rick’s got great stories and he tells them well.

Death of a founding partner

Rick’s uncle helped him begin Little Hotties – the handwarmer company he formed and later sold. Early on in the venture, he passed away and Rick had to adapt. It’s sad when a person close to you dies and even harder when it causes turmoil for your business.

The timing of this for Rick Wood was precarious and his business almost didn’t survive. Listen to hear how he worked his way through this state of affairs.

Rick displays grit and persistence to get that first big order

Leaving a corporate job and starting a company is the American dream. Rick, did this while having a wife and two small kids at home – if that does not pressure you to succeed, what will?

We can all relate to how exciting it is to get big orders. Rick talks about how he had to adapt, persevere and be assertive to get the order that put him, and his new venture, on the path to success.

Support, innovation, relationships and helping others

The support of his lovely wife, Kristi, and an innovation mindset, fostering long-term relationships with the right people and a desire to help others fuel Rick Wood. Throughout this interview, Rick talks about all of these as the threads in the tapestry of his entrepreneurial artwork.

As you listen to the interview, ask yourself what is holding you back from doing what challenges you? Connect with Rick, he’s happy to help!

These are just a few of the highlights of this inspirational interview with Rick Wood – Founder and Owner of Cascade Mountain Tech. You may listen by using the player below or get it on iTunes at Cognified Marketing and Selling Podcast. As always, if you enjoy my work, I’m grateful if you will leave a positive review on iTunes.

You may read the transcript of Episode 11 of the Cognified Marketing and Selling Podcast here.



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