Episode 10 – Cognified Marketing and Selling Podcast with Stan Herrin – Outpatient Surgery Magazine

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Stan Herrin is the founder and publisher of Outpatient Surgery Magazine
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Outpatient Surgery Magazine is now part of AORN Group

Stan Herrin is a humble person who is the founder and publisher of Outpatient Surgery Magazine (OSM), highly intelligent, makes hard concepts easy to understand, successful and a lot of fun to interview. You’ll hear in this 10th episode of the Cognified Marketing and Selling Podcast about how Stan started out in journalism school, became an editor of an ophthalmology magazine and then set off on his own to start OSM.

Other topics we cover in this interesting discussion are:

  • Why Stan started the magazine he did.
  • What’s changing in selling and marketing
  • Is advertising dead? The book, “Storynomics” by Robert McKee and Tom Gerace got Stan thinking, how about you?
  • Back-to-the-future advertising explained.
  • Brain chemistry as it relates to advertising.
  • Easy ways to understand how the brain works with advertising and problem-solving.
  • Learn how much we are using our brains and why subconscious thinking is so important. Discussion of Daniel Kahneman’s book: “Thinking, Fast and Slow.”
  • Stan Herrin talks about an excellent presentation he wrote called, “Advertising and your brain.” If you want a copy of that in your email, sign up for our list to get the presentation and updates.
  • How emotion helps you sell.
  • Why the brain likes stories.
  • Learn about an “implied warranty” through advertising.
  • How the 40 yard dash in the NFL combine relates to advertising.
  • Why advertising is not a substitute for a salesperson and the world of zero-sum medical device sales.
  • Following his transaction, Stan Herrin explains the difference between strategic and financial buyers of enterprises.
  • In digital and email marketing, why specificity wins.
  • The changing role of medical conventions and Stan Herrin’s OR Excellence Reverse Tradeshow.
  • Life after selling his company.

I very much enjoyed doing this interview with my friend, Stan Herrin. I am always amazed by his humility because he is one of the smartest people I know in our industry.

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