Episode 09 Cognified Marketing and Selling Podcast with Jeff Peres – Everseat

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Jeff Peres – Everseat is the guest on episode 9 of the Cognified Marketing and Selling Podcast. Jeff’s a smart entrepreneur with good instincts who left Wall Street to pursue his dream. Learn about what he’s doing to help medical practice’s harvest lost revenue – it’s exciting!

In this free-flowing interview, Jeff and I talk about:

  • Influencers on the career choices in life.
  • Getting started running a business and evolving that with what you learn.
  • The changing sales model and a correlation between fear and size of the business deal involved in selling your products or services.
  • Starting a business called Everseat – Jeff’s a self-described tinkerer and creator who is looking to solve a problem. (Entrepreneur hallmark alert…)
  • Learn about scheduling irregularity and a new solution to help medical practices.
  • The evolution of Everseat – how they chose targets and finding their sweet spot.
  • The importance of doctors focusing on the front-end of practice growth.
  • How do you compress a sales cycle? Hint: It’s not lowering price!
  • Data and stories of how Everseat is helping doctors and clinics win.
  • Skills Jeff Peres – Everseat is working on and books he’s reading – American Kingpin, Shoe Dog, Grit, and Creator’s Code.
  • OODA Loop – What’s this?
  • An interesting answer on Jeff’s business hero’s and sticking to a vision.
  • The importance of asking for help.

It was a lot of fun for me to interview Jeff. He’s a really smart guy and I hope you enjoy the interview, too. You may listen to it below or get it on the Cognified Marketing and Selling Podcast on iTunes. If you like my work, I’m grateful if you will remember to subscribe and leave a review on the iTunes site.

Prefer to read the transcript of the interview? No problem, I’ve got you covered…


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  1. Engaging and informative podcast that shares new innovative ways for patient engagement. Beyond their respective business interest, Jeff and Joel are seeking new ways to improve as individuals. Most importantly are the perspectives presented regarding creating, building and scaling new business in the patient journey arena. I enjoyed listening, thank you very much. Amnon

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