An Amazingly Small World….

According to Worldometer, there are about 7.3 billion people in the world today. Bangkok, Thailand is the 15th largest city in the world with about 14.3 million people. Even with this data, it’s humbling to me how small the world … Read More

2015 – A Year to Remember!

Last night, my wife Jean and I celebrated a nice, simple New Year’s Eve with Jean’s sister, Denise. Jean made a wonderful salmon and beet salad that was a thoughtful diversion from the heavy, butter laden dishes consumed on New … Read More

Does How We Think Determine Where We Go?

When I set-off for college at the University of Minnesota in the Fall of 1984, my dad said to me, “You may major in whatever you want to as long as it is math or science.” I asked him, “Why … Read More

Missing a Friend…Father Howard Hansen.

Father Howard Hansen entered my life on Holy Thursday, April 17, 2003. At the time, I was not ready to meet him or understand the impact that he would later have on me. Fr. Howard died on Palm Sunday, April … Read More

#MELiveAustin Inaugural Event a Success

Starting anything from scratch is difficult. It always costs twice as much and takes double the expected time. The thought of bootstrapping a new meeting in the field of ophthalmology pretty much blows my mind. The past weekend, in Austin, … Read More

My First Published Article –

What’s the difference between bragging about something that you’ve accomplished and just being happy about something and wanting to share it? I’m not exactly sure of the answer to that question and do know that I reached one of my … Read More

Connections That Have Stood the Test of Time

I graduated from Mayo High School in Rochester, Minnesota in June of 1984. The three guys with me above were my friends from grade school and we share many great memories together and still stay in touch via text, Facebook … Read More

When Will the Millennials Get Out and Vote?

I am the father of four children that are defined as “Millennials.” All are of legal voting age and not one of them was planning to vote in today’s elections. This makes me sad, frustrated and confused all at the … Read More

How Kickstarter Changed My Sister

Kickstarter is a crowd-funding platform to help entrepreneurs fund the start-up of their businesses. At least that’s what I thought it was until my sister, Patty Post, began a Kickstarter campaign on October 2, 2014 and ended it today, November … Read More

Five Pounds of Fun with Peter Taunton!

“Five pounds of fun” is a way of thinking about diet and fitness. To me, it is another way of saying my wife’s mantra, “everything in moderation.” I learned this saying from my friend, Peter Taunton, this weekend while my … Read More