I’m Joel Gaslin from Eden Prairie, Minnesota via Rochester, Minnesota and a few points in between. If you want to know about me from a career standpoint, I believe LinkedIn does a good job with that type of information on their site. Check it out.

I like to read, write and experiment with ideas and strategies for marketing, selling, business strategy and entrepreneurial pursuits. It’s fun to try to new things and the endeavor that’s got me fired up right now is my podcast Make Marketing Easy. I’m struggling with getting it going given all we have going on in the Sightpath business right now, but I’ll persevere and get it moving.

Thanks for stopping by my little piece of the internet. I believe everyone, and I mean everyone, benefits by running their own blog. It gives them something that is uniquely theirs and no one can take away. I’m surprised more people don’t do it…

Family and Personal Highlights

This is my lovely bride of more than 29 years, Jean, and me.   We met in high school, I chased her for two years before she’d go out with me, we dated through college, got married when we got out, had four kids, raised them and now it’s just the two of us.  And we got married again on October 24, 2015. I’m grateful that she’s stuck with me, I’m not easy to live with sometimes…


These are our kids.  Mike, 26; Grace, 29; Anne, 26; Ben 24.


We’re really lucky to have them.  They’re great kids and we love being with them whenever we can.

This is Walt, he’s our Silver Labrador Retriever


Friends and Fun

Gratefully, we’re blessed with friends all around the country. That’s what happens when you move around a lot the first few years of a marriage and career. These are our friends the Heim’s and the Hawkins’. The six of us do a lot of activities together. We travel, eat out, cook-in and have lots of fun. We’ve branded ourselves Team Social and use the trusty emoji guy with the sunglasses on in the running group text we maintain.


Chris Heim’s B-day 2017

Right now, I’m into reading about and studying algorithms, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

5 Comments on “Joel’s Story”

  1. Joel,
    How is your dad, Bill? I was a teacher in Eden Prairie and Mike was in my kindergarten class.
    Carter Norman

    1. Carter,

      It’s nice to hear from you! I do remember you and so does Mike. In fact, at family get together’s your name comes up sometimes when we recall a funny story from when Mike was in your class.

      You may recall the day when kids were invited to bring their pets in for show-and-tell and Mike brought our Golden Retriever, Dexter. My dad had come to visit your classroom and as Mike was giving his explanation of why he chose to bring Dexter in, you asked him, “What does Dexter do that you like best, Mike?”

      Mike’s delayed and thoughtful reply: “He humps me.” My dad howled, so did I, you were left speechless and the kids had no idea what he was talking about. Priceless.

      Thanks for asking about my dad, he is doing great and so is my mom. They live up on Blanche Lake full time and are at peace now with the transition from city living.

      I hope you’re doing well, too, Carter. Thanks for commenting and I’m curious how in the heck you found my blog……?

  2. Joel,
    just getting acquainted Linkedin, and read your story. Well written, and I learned a little more that you haven’t already shared. I too have been married 29 years, and through all my travels and time away from home I’m lucky she has stuck with me :)…. Great read, and hope all is well with you. Lee

    1. Thanks for the comment, Lee. And congrats on 29 years with your bride. We’re now up to 30 so I need to update the page! Keep in touch.

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